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CTI Consultancy International
CTI is Unique.  Our sole objective is to equip your team with the knowledge and confidence to own the project inhouse. Only then, can you fully realise your investment. We accomplish this through staff training and enablement, software/system implementation, project management guidance, best/working practises advice and finally ongoing support until you are confidently up and running.
THe exterior of one of CTI's many training facilities.

Everyone has different capabilities – we are all unique.
Our Consultants are the best in the field and our reknown Training Courses accommodate the needs of all our delegates. Our job is to instil a comprehensive awareness of the capabilities of the software which has been purchased to make your job easier.  Until you understand and grasp the functionality of the new software, how can you be expected to trust the software supplier and the promises they have undoubtedly given you?  CTI’s courses have been developed over years of experience in training to bring out the best in the union between the user and the platforms placed in front of them.


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